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A Guide To Baby Milestones

We were all babies once, but that doesn’t mean we remember it. Unfortunately, that means it can be hard to estimate baby milestones for your own youngster if all you have to go on is your own experience as a baby.

That’s why this infographic on baby milestones can be so darn useful. Of course, you might have had a baby in the past or had other friends and family members with babies, but sometimes it can just be nice to take a quite peek at a baby milestone timeline so you know when to expect your little on.

Of course, these are just estimates and all babies learn things at different speeds. I’ve heard of plenty of babies that refused to crawl but still started walking within ten and twelve months. Some babies may start speaking before they start crawling and others may not speak until they walk. Whatever the case with your little one, be sure to record all of their baby milestones so you will never forget watching your youngster grow up.




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