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Find Out How Long Your Opened Bottle of Wine Will Last

A rubber wine stopper is probably the best investment made to extend the lives of many bottles of wine. That being said, putting a reusable stopper in an open bottle of wine does not completely seal off the liquid, and your wine will still expire if you leave it for too long. You have surely heard about the delicate balance of tastes at work in wine, and an opened bottle of wine is similar to a ticking time bomb. The question is, then, how long will an opened bottle of wine last?

Based on this article from The Savory, the amount of time that wine lasts is based on the type of wine it is. The deeper the red, the longer it lasts. Sparkling wines such as champagne should be consumed within a few hours.

An opened bottle of wine that has expired won’t actually do you any harm, but its taste will be off — it can range from tasting more acidic than intended to being downright nasty.

Check out this infographic to find out how long to keep your pinot around!

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