Finally, A Comic That Explains How To Use “Whom” In A Sentence Correctly!

Finally, A Comic That Explains How To Use “Whom” In A Sentence Correctly!

English grammar can be extremely tricky to grasp and use correctly, especially if English isn’t your first language. Having exclusively spoken English my entire life, even I find our weird rules and linguistic pitfalls a bit of a well, let’s be honest: a ballache. Barely any of it makes sense! The trickiest one of all though has to be the madness that is “whom” and “who”. I’ve never seen the former written down but have been corrected multiple times whilst speaking, but I have no idea why?

Thankfully, hilarious entertainment site The Oatmeal have released a recent comic that can explain exactly how to and why we use “whom” and “who”:














                        How And Why To Use Whom In A Sentence | The Oatmeal


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