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Easy Method of Folding Your Shirt with Cardboard and Duct Tape

For those without a maid or a lot of free time to perform laundry, it is often nice to have small shortcuts to make life easier. One way to make folding your shirt easier comes from a few pieces of cardboard, some duct tape and a small bit of time to put things together.

Place a folded shirt on one of six cardboard sheets that you create. Trace the outline of the shirt with a ruler and pencil and cut all six pieces to the same size. Lay all six out vertically and place duct tape on the top row, while leaving the bottom row without the tape. Put your unfolded shirt facing down on the board, flip the left, flip the right, and bring up the center. Voila!


Shirt Folding Board from Cardboard and Duct Tape [instructables]

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