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Don't Throw Away Stale Bread, Turn It Into A Tasty Meal Intead


Are you quickly accumulating stale bread in the kitchen from the night before?

Stale bread has several uses that range from tasty recipes to plant fertilizer. Based on the infographic above, stale bread can help keep your vegetables fresh and your dogs happy.

The message that the creators of the infographic are trying to convey is that food shouldn’t be wasted. Most people grow up with the concept of not wasting food. However, as we get older the practice is often left behind.

The shocking stats behind food wastage is that over 40% of food never make it to the dinner table. That’s a lot of wasted meals! A great way to avoid wasting kitchen ingredients is by planning your grocery list carefully. Plan around entire meals instead of random ingredients that on their own, you may not have any use for.

10 Things To Do With Stale Bread [infographic] | Infographic

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