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Do-It-Yourself Side Tables

Real Simple gives some insight into how to create your own fashionable and functional side tables for cheap. The goal of the side tables is to be fashionable while providing storage for everyday items that would otherwise create clutter. Real Simple also provides links for where to buy the supplies to build your own side tables. Here’s some of what they’ve come up with:

Box Set
The seemingly endless piles of bills and statements in most people’s houses need somewhere to reside. Try stashing those documents you refer to only rarely in a set of nesting boxes, which, stacked from largest to smallest, form a small but serviceable side table.

Shoe In
Modular shoe-storage units, stacked one atop the other, make a stepped side table with room to spare and two top surfaces for displays and lighting. Create miniature still lifes in the cubbies, or stack reading material that you’re going to get to…someday.

Shelf Life
This clean-lined, single-shelf bookcase (the shelf’s height is adjustable) is 29 5/8 inches long (providing plenty of surface area) but only 11 1/2 inches deep — perfect for a narrow living or entertaining space. Or put it to work in the foyer, with the telephone on top and address, phone, and reference books stacked below.

Real Simple gives four other ideas for useful end tables. Be sure to check out the article and see if you can use any of the ideas given.

Unexpected Side Tables – [Real SImple]

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