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DIY - The Essential Guide To Natural Cleaning Products

Home cleaning is one tedious task most people try to put off and do it grudgingly when it’s finally unavoidable. The modern cleaning equipment and implements have made it easier, it would seem. The shelves across supermarkets are loaded with such genius products that claim to kill germs, disinfect your home, and save you from certain Armageddon! But nearly all of have two major problems; one they leave a residual smell that makes you wanna move to the mountains and the other is that they’re loaded with more chemicals than Dexter’s lab!

Heiton Buckley have put together an awesome infographic that lists all natural, DIY cleaners available in your home. These would not only clean and disinfect but would also have your home smelling so good that you wouldn’t wanna step out. Do try!



DIY – The Essential Guide To Natural Cleaning Products | Heiton Buckley

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