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DIY: Instant Hand Warmers

If you live in extreme cold conditions, keeping your hands warm can be quite a task. Sure you can wear gloves or mittens, but these may not keep your hands as warm as you’d like. Instead, you can make your own instant hand warmers using just four items: calcium chloride ice-melt pellets, a large ziplock bag, a small ziplock bag and water. This video explains how to do this in just a few minutes.

You’ll see that once you add the ice-melts and the small ziplock bag of water to the larger ziplock bag, the magic happens as you break the seal of the smaller ziplock bag. The bag of ice-melts will go from 71 degrees up to 140 degrees. That enough to keep your hands nice and toasty from 30 to 60 minutes.

Not only will these warmers come in handy for your hands, but you can use them for other body parts as well. Personally, once my feet are warm my whole body stays warm. So these DIY warmers would work great as feet warmers for me. How about you? Which part of your body do you like to keep warm?

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