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DIY: How to Make Coconut Milk

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DIY: How to Make Coconut Milk

If you love the flavor of coconut, then you’re probably a fan of coconut milk as well. Many grocery stores carry ready-made coconut milk, but if yours doesn’t or you’re in the mood for fresh coconut milk, this video will come in handy. It shows a really easy method for making your own coconut milk at home, which you can then use in your favorite hot drink (ie. chocolate milk, coffee) or drink alone.

To make coconut milk you’ll need: desiccated coconut, mug, spoon, water, large pot for boiling, hand blender, large pot for draining, sieve and muslin cloth.

Coconut milk has quite a few health benefits and it’s not just for drinking; it can also be used on your hair and skin. Coconut milk contains lauric acid, iron and antioxidants. If you’re looking to boost your immune system, improve the health or your digestive system, control your blood sugar, lower blood pressure or reduce joint inflammation, then you really should add this healthy drink to your diet.

Coconut Milk: Benefits, Side Effects, Nutrition and Facts | Seed Guides

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