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DIY Guide to Adjusting Your Glasses

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DIY Guide to Adjusting Your Glasses

As someone who wears glasses myself, I can attest to the fact that “when your glasses aren’t sitting right on your face it can ruin your whole day.” There’s nothing worse than persistently trying to make your glasses fit right, but instead getting it all wrong. This DIY guide, however will make you a pro at adjusting your glasses. Since most glasses are designed to be adjustable, you should have no problem as long as you’re careful.

Whether your glasses are sitting too low or pinching your nose, or if one lens is higher or lower or farther in or out than the other, this guide should help you out.

DIY Guide to Adjusting Your Glasses Infographic

    Be sure to take note of the warning at the bottom; some frame materials resist adjustment so you don’t want to bother with those because you could end up breaking your glasses instead. Did this guide help you? If so, help someone else out by sharing it with them as well.

    How to Adjust Your Glasses | Zenni Optical

    Featured photo credit: Zenni Optical via zennioptical.com

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