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Deadly Health Problems Your Body Develops When You Lack Sleep

When you lack sleep you can develop heart disease. In relation to this fact, it has been scientifically established that sudden deaths in young people are mostly blamed on heart problems. OK, granting that you belong to the age bracket 25 to 40, you are most likely too young to have a heart disease unless you have inherited one. But if your lifestyle involves going bar hopping and having drinking sprees till the wee hours of the morning every week, it might not be remote that you’re a candidate to having heart problems. Even at a young age, that could happen.

Now, here’s one more shocking fact, based to an in depth research, getting too little sleep on a consistent basis may be as much to blame for triggering fatal heart attacks as smoking. Researchers report this with hard facts to support it. In fact, lead researcher Dr. Monique Verschuren, of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Netherlands, said: ‘The importance of sleep should now be mentioned as an additional way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.’

If that’s not enough to alarm you, lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease as much as smoking.



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