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Controversial Ways Google Is Affecting Your Memory And Your Life


Google is affecting your life more than you think.

Apart from being a reliable search engine, Google offers a wide range of tools from website analytics to document management. We rely on a variety of Google tools on a daily basis. The question is, what would happen if they didn’t exist?

For a preview on what could possibly happen, checkout the interesting infographic above.

One of the first things to go is instant information. Without powerful search capabilities, we would need to rely on our memory to get through the day. This means have to memorize long to-do lists, schedules and birthdays.

Without Google Maps, finding your way through a new, crowded city would be virtually impossible. These tools don’t include businesses that benefit from Google API.

It’s safe to say that without Google, life would be a bit boring.

How Google Affects Our Memory (Tech Infographics) | Design Infographics

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