Caddy : Smart Furniture for Your Home

Caddy : Smart Furniture for Your Home

Caddy is a simple example of urban styled furniture that continues to evolve and inculcate innovation in a jaw dropping manner. It redefines the meaning of utility furniture, by adding leisure and luxury in a very unique fashion that personalizes the overall experience of using Caddy. With a comfortable remote pad, two drinks holder and four phone docks, Caddy in a very subtle manner becomes a habit.

Caddy is made from a pure Bamboo wood that adds to its elegance and is strengthened further with a layer of mattle sealant and hand-welded steel frame. Light-weight and beautiful, Caddy aligns well with any kind of home décor, without looking out of place. Whether it is your living room, kitchen or bedroom, Caddy will find its use. Minimal yet functional design and obsessive attention to detail will make sure you do not have second thoughts about this smart piece of furniture for your home.







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