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Beyond Bumps and Bruises: First Aid Skills for Parents

Being a parent is hard work. While it can seem like dirty diapers and late-night feedings are the hardest things to keep up with, there are some more serious skills that moms and dads need to know as well. This enterprising mother compiled a handy list of 10 first aid skills that every parent should know.

Some of these require special training from accredited sources and she points you in the right direction to get signed up. Other tips are just good to know, such as home remedies for diarrhea. And if you’re looking for some advice on how to provide care until professionals arrive, there are skills such as first aid for severe bleeding from the Mayo Clinic.

And finally — even though the following video is aimed at adult therapy, it’s an entertaining reminder of the benefits of CPR (and even better when you know Ken Jeong is a board-certified doctor).

10 First Aid Skills Every Parent Should Know | Mom With a Prep

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