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Benefits of MicroNapping

Benefits of MicroNapping

Get tired in the middle of the day? You might not need a proper sleep, but rather just a quick nap to get back in gear – because we can’t be productive when we’re tired.

Micronaps are those moments you catch yourself having fallen asleep, usually for somewhere under 5 minutes. However, if you schedule these in your day you can give yourself some easy pick-ups. Could a nap replace coffee?

It may sound as if this wouldn’t help but it really does. What is happening is that your brain is sinking to an alpha state, which is sleep cycle where your brain is operating at 7-14 cycles per second, and coming back to your waking beta state, which operates at 14-13 cycles per second.

Steven Aitchison takes two a day and claims he can be refreshed the whole day with 5 hours sleep the night before.

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