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A Beer To Wine Conversion Chart


Many people seem to be either beer drinkers or wine drinkers. But what would be the equivalent of your chosen beverage if you were to explore the other side?

Wheat Beer – Chardonnay

Trade wheat beer for chardonnay whilst keeping the fruity, tropical flavours.

West Coast IPA – Carmenere

Savory, bitter notes can be found in both West Coast IPA and Carmenere.

Porter – Syrah

Dark fruit flavours and occasional spices.

Kolsch – Sauvignon Blanc

Grassy aromas are apparent in both of these beverages.

Imperial Stout – Cabernet Sauvignon

Oaky flavours are found in both of these renowned drinks.

Pale Ale – Merlot

The beginners drinks.

Belgian Dubbel – Malbec

Full-bodied fruity, spicy aromas!

Czech Pilsner – Riesling

Although they might get a bad reputation when overly sweet, these are the drinks for you if you’re looking for something sweet.

Gose – Gewurtztraminer

Fresh and salty, perfect for refreshment.

Lambic – Pinot Noir

Popular and dynamic, acidic and fruity; perfectly inter-changeable.

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