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Beauty Tips From Ancient Times

Through the ages, books and other documented reports carry proof that human beings in general have always been vain. They would go as far as hair dipping in smelly camel’s urine just to have the special kind of shine on their hair. More about human’s crowning glory, to achieve the hairstyle for a certain ocasion, ancient people were willing to apply yucky animal fat. Yes, Lifehack community, in ancient times, it was used as mega-hold hair gel.

Let me ask you a question now. Would you be willing to bathe in crocodile excrement in order to look young? Well, in the olden times, that’s what they did. If you ask me, I’ll pass. I’d rather have wrinkles than go through that beauty ritual. No way! Anyway, let me now present to you the infographic designed by datadial and Published by Aesthetic Surgery Clinic. Source: cosmetic surgery clinic.


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