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Are You Worried You Will Never Achieve Greatness? Watch This.

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Mary Dixon became a pilot at the age of 50.
Francis Chichester sailed around the world when he was 52. He did this alone.

Henry Jay Heimlich developed his emergency maneuver at the age of 54.
At the same age Anthony Hopkins received his first Oscar. 
George Burns received his when he was 80.

Daniel Defoe wrote “Robinson Crusoe” at the age of 59.
John Glenn went into space again when he was 77 years old.

The Average Nobel prize winner is 63 years old.
Theodor Mommsen received it at the age of 85. 
Teiichi Igarashi climbed Mount Fuji and next year turned 100. Then climbed it again.

Throughout our early lives we are repeatedly told that if we want to achieve anything we need to start as soon as possible. This puts an incredible amount of pressure on young adults, most of whom feel they are simply not equipped to achieve greatness so early on in their lives. Tadas Vidmantas’ submission to the Being 50 Saga video competition ‘Nothing Changes’ is an inspiring reminder that these pressures are unfounded: we can achieve whatever we wish to at any age. There is no time limit on your ability to achieve greatness, no deadline for our dreams.

Nothing Changes | Tadas Vidmantas

Featured photo credit: Nothing Changes | Tadas Vidmantas via youtube.com

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