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A Roll Away Cat Litter Box

Just because you love your cat doesn’t mean you love its cat litter box and chances are that you find your furry friend’s restroom even less adorable when you have company over. But what can you do? Cats need a place to do their business and you can’t just take it out when you think Muffy needs to go.

Enter the roll-away cat litter box. This clever contraption makes a feline’s bathroom look a lot more tidy and can be fitted with extra air fresheners. Perhaps its best feature though is that when you don’t want your guests to see it, you can always roll it away into another room (preferably put it with your cat, so she can still find her bathroom in time).

cat litter box on wheels

cat home 2

cat home

If you want to make your own, IKEA Hackers has step-by-step instructions to create this device in three different designs. On the downside, the IKEA products originally used seem to no longer be available online, so you might have to find a different product to hack into your kitty’s new litter box.

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