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7 Ways To Recognize Opportunity

7 Ways To Recognize Opportunity

It’s true, opportunity is everywhere. Being open to them can really be key to success; but how do you form a habit of recognizing opportunity?

These seven tips from Steve Olson are right on point. One I think he could have added was keeping optimistic. When you remove pessimism from any equation you begin seeing the good in all situations and opportunities in everything.

Be grateful –Being grateful is the antidote to resentment and complacency. Resentment and complacency block your ability to see clearly. The best way to clear resentment and complacency from your mind is to be grateful for where you are right now. Be grateful for your gifts and your weaknesses. Be grateful for your success and your setbacks. If you are grateful for all things, including those that appear to go wrong, you will be able to see them for the opportunities they are.

7 Ways to Help Yourself Recognize Opportunity – [SteveOlson]

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