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52 Proven Stress Reducers

The counseling center at Texas Woman’s University published a list of 52 activities you can do to reduce stress. None of the activities cost any money and they are really easy to do. This link is definitely getting bookmarked:

  • Get up fifteen minutes earlier in the morning. The inevitable morning mishaps will be less stressful.
  • Prepare for the morning the evening before. Set the breakfast table, make lunches, put out the clothes you plan to wear, etc.
  • Don’t rely on your memory. Write down appointment times, when to pick up the laundry, when library books are due, etc.
  • Don’t put up with something that doesn’t work right. If your alarm clock, wallet, shoe laces, windshield wipers – whatever- are a constant aggravation, get them fixed or get new ones.
  • Unplug your phone. Want to take a long bath, meditate, sleep, or read without interruption? Drum up the courage to temporarily disconnect. (The possibility of there being a terrible emergency in the next hour or so is almost nil.) Or use an answering machine.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify. .
  • Get up and stretch periodically if your job requires that you sit for extended periods.

52 Proven Stress Reducers – [Texas Woman’s University]

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