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40 Common Travel Scams You Should Know About Before Your Next Trip



Back in April, I visited Rome on a business trip with my grandad. Whilst appreciating the view at the top of The Spanish Steps one day when we were visiting a few of the tourist sites, a little man tapped me on the shoulder, called me beautiful and shoved a rose into my hands. As I stood there a bit confused the man then began to tell my grandfather that I was a beautiful lady and that he was a “big boss man”. Needless to say it was awkward and we ended up having to pay him 5 euros before he’d go away. I stuck the rose securely in my rucksack, alas by the end of the street it had been stolen, which I like to believe was done by a band of Italian trickster street children.

Fortunately, my experience with travel scams was not that severe, in fact I found it quite funny, however some travellers aren’t so lucky. That’s why UK airline Just The Flight has created this infographic displaying the 40 most common travel scams and where they are most likely to occur.

So next time you go travelling make a mental note of these scams and always stay safe!

40 Travel Scams To Avoid This Summer | Just The Flight

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