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4 Common Dental Emergencies and How to Deal With Them

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4 Common Dental Emergencies and How to Deal With Them

No one likes to have tooth pain. While a mild toothache can often be relieved by a pain reliever or oral anesthetic gel, a more severe toothache is harder to get rid of. If you have the pain long enough it can even lead to a migraine headache or worse. Pain relievers and gels are only good for temporary relief, if you are looking to fix the underlying problem then you’ll need to visit a dentist.

If you’re experiencing one of four common dental emergencies, this infographic will show you the proper treatment that will be used to nurse you back to health. It’s good to know what these emergencies are in case you, a friend or loved one experiences them. You’ll want to be sure to get the proper help as soon as possible in order to avoid further pain or damage to your teeth.

4 Common Dental Emergencies and How to Deal With Them Infographic

    As you’ll see, the causes of most of these dental emergencies is either decay or infection. An abscess can lead to painful swelling and pus leakage, while a lost crown of filling can lead to tooth sensitive and even soft tissue injuries. In most cases, you’ll be given pain medications or an antibiotic to help as needed. Although it may take a few days to feel better, in the end it will be worth it.

    Dealing with Dental Disasters | Dental Magic

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