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30 Countries That Contribute The Most Good To The Rest Of The World!

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    Based on findings from ‘The Good Country Index‘, this chart from Business Insider displays the top 30 countries that contribute the most good to the rest of the world!

    The original TGCI findings compare 125 countries based on seven categories:

    • Science and technology.
    • Culture.
    • International peace and security.
    • World order.
    • Planet and climate.
    • Prosperity and equality.
    • Health and well being.

    These results were obtained by collating 35 sets of data from the UN, WHO and UNESCO over a 3 year period, and finally we have the top 30! The results are genuinely quite surprising with Ireland topping the list! Where does your country appear, if at all?

    These 30 Countries Contribute The Most Good To The World! | Business Insider

    Featured photo credit: Unsplash via unsplash.com

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