3 Ways A Deep Breath Can Reduce Your Anxiety

3 Ways A Deep Breath Can Reduce Your Anxiety

You might already know that taking a deep breath while stressed can seriously calm your anxious energy, but what you might not know is why this common relaxation method actually works. If you’re curious about the inner workings of this little bit of magic, Pick the Brain has a great article showing three diffrent ways that taking a deep breath helps calm us.

The first is the most obvious biological reason -breathing in deeply causes our heart rate to slow down. By breathing quickly, our bodies and brains believe we are in danger or that we are exercising, both of which require our heart rate to go up. Conversely, breathing slowly relaxes our heart rate. Breathing deeply also provides our brains with more oxygen, which allows them to think more clearly.

The second reason is that when you conciously focus on breathing -even just for one deep breath, you also bring your focus onto that specific moment in the now. That means that you are forgetting about your troubles and stresses, even if only for a moment.

The last reason? Taking a deep breath just feels good, even if we aren’t stressed out. Try it right now -see what I mean?

Original Source – Pick the Brain

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