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27 Tips for Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing has become an important part of business today. Being able to teleconference effectively is critical. Web Worker Daily posted 27 tips for teleconferencing. As someone who rarely teleconferences, these are good tips to bookmark should that day ever come. Among these tips, the following is my favorite:

Don’t be afraid of interrupting. The conversational dynamic of conference calls can be difficult, lacking as it is in body language cues as to who wants to talk or who might have some disagreement with what’s being said. Though ideally discussion will take place with regular turn-taking you’ll sometimes have to talk over people to make your point. Wait for a pause, if you can, but if the discussion is moving on, speak up–add an “excuse me” if you need to–and make sure your mute button is off, or you’ll feel really frustrated.

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