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25 Ways to Travel Cheaply

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It’s great to get away, but many of those who need a vacation most are those who can least afford it. If you want to travel and save money, There’s A First Time For Everything has a great list of 25 ways to save money while traveling. While we won’t include the entire list here, a few of their top tips include:

  • Fly on discount airlines. These will often not show up on discount travel websites, but their rates make them worth searching out.
  • Haggle when possible. You can’t haggle everywhere and on everything, but sometimes negotiating with your tour guide or a rental company can save you a ton of money.
  • Use public transportation. It’s not available everywhere, but a subway ride will always cost you less than a trip on a taxi.
  • Negotiate before getting in a cab. If you have to take a taxi, don’t let the driver start taking you somewhere before you ask about the price or you may be cheated or at least end up with a bill much larger than you expected.
  • Eat the local food. More often than not, those slightly dodgy-looking hole-in-the-wall places will be the most delicious, authentic food you can get
  • Suspend your cell phone for the duration of your trip
  • Do a little bit of research. A lot of cities will have free festivals

25 Ways to Travel Cheap | First for Everything

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