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21 Things You Are Doing Wrong Every Day

There are things which you’re doing every day and you’ve already made those as habits that they seem totally normal the way you’re doing them. But no, if you know how to do stuff the right way instead of your habitual way, your life will change!

1. Folding Your Shirt

It takes you very long to fold the shirts? Learn this and you can do it in 2 seconds.

2. Closing an Unfinished Pack of Chips

Can’t find a clip to seal an unfinished pack of chips? Do the origami to your chip bag.

close chip bag

3. Doing Your Girl’s Hair

You hate it when your daughter’s hair’s always sticking out even after being brushed for thousands of times, right? Have you ever tried to use a vacuum and hair elastic instead?

4. Eating Tic Tac

Do you just pour out the candies on your palm or into your mouth? How about this?

eat tic tac

5. Eating cupcakes

The right way of eating cupcakes helps you eat like a lady or gentleman. (Pay attention at 0:29!)

6. Eating Snacks

Always want to get the snacks from the bag easier? You should do this:

snack bowl

7. Opening Plastic Clamshell Packages

Do you use your hands to try to tear apart the clamshell package of a product? Or do you use scissors to help you? Next time you can try with a can opener.

8. Eating with Chinese Take-out Container

Have you thought about using it as a plate instead?

chinese take out

9. Cooking a Round-Egg

It does take a bit of effort to cook a perfectly round-egg, but with a little help of a slice of onion, everything’s changed.

cook round egg

10. Eating Ketchup with the Little Paper Cups

Have you ever thought of making full use of the paper cups’ tiny little feature? (Check out how it works at 0:10!)

11. Freezing Your Drink Quickly

Thought putting your drink solely in the freezer’s the only option? Nope! Put a wet kitchen roll around the drink and then put it in the freezer will make the drink cold enough in 15 minutes!

12. Crushing a Can

How do you crush a can? Step on it or smash it on your head? There’s a smarter way to do this. (Check it out at 1:28!)

13. Making an Ice-cream Dessert

Digging out the ice-cream from the box is not easy, let alone making dessert with it. What about this?

ice cream dessert

14. Peeling a Potato

All you need are 1 bowl of hot water and 1 bowl of cold water to peel the potato skin. (The trick starts at 0:20!)

15. Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

You probably cut cherry tomatoes into half one by one, but if you put the cherry tomatoes between 2 plastic lids you can do it quicker.


16. Making a BLT

Thought spreading the slices of bacon all over the sandwich will do? Think again! Weave the bacon slices together so that they don’t slip and slide.


17. Peeling an Egg

Peeling an egg bit by bit with those tiny pieces is frustrating….but what? Just a blow on the egg will do?

18. Drinking with a Straw

Drink with the straw skillfully like this so the straw’s position is fixed.

fix the straw position

19. Applying Nail Polish

Randomly polishing your nail doesn’t make your nails look prettier. Try this:

Apply Nail Polish

20. Breaking in New Shoes

You simply hope that the more you wear the new pair of shoes, the more you can break in them? Try a quicker method!

break in shoes

Put on a thick pair of socks and then put your shoes on. Use a hairdryer to aim at your shoes and make the tight spots as the focus while wiggling your toes around. Don’t remove your shoes immediately but wait them to cool down. Repeat the whole process until you feel that the shoes’ stretched out. Then you can remove the socks and dah-dah, the shoes fit you more now!

21. Peeling a Banana

Check out the money way to peel a banana in 1 second. (Find out the trick at 0:47!)


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