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21 Microwave Oven Hacks You Should Be Using

Invented almost 70 years ago, the microwave oven has become a kitchen staple; helping us cook tasty, simple and quick meals whenever we need it. But are you using yours to its full potential?

PartSelect and Ghergich & Co. have created the infographic above detailing 21 food hacks you can try using your microwave!

However, they do have one more piece of advice. “Your renewed zest for microwaving foods may come at a steep price: a big mess in your microwave,” writes PartSelect. They suggest that you put a bowl of water with some lemon juice inside the oven and put it on for five minutes. Afterwards you’ll be able to wipe away any mess easily! 

Happy microwaving!

Microwave Hacks For Daily Life | PartSelect

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