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Last Updated on December 16, 2021

20 Incredible Places Ski Lovers Should Visit This Winter

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20 Incredible Places Ski Lovers Should Visit This Winter

Have you gone skiing this season? No? The good news for all ski lovers is that there are loads of incredible places worldwide where you can ski all year long – and even all day long! Here are just 20 resorts you should seriously consider as your next skiing destination!

1. Meribel, France

Absolutely lovely resort sandwiched between Courchevel and Val Thorens, this place has less crowds and more budget-friendly accommodations. The scenery is as beautiful and as luxurous as that of Courchevel, yet the prices tend to be at half the price. Be sure to grab a glass of the local mulled wine at the end of the day. It’s simply magnificent!

– Accommodations: Double rooms start at €80 per night.
– Weather: Mostly sunny and dry during January, with average temperatures at -5 to 2 degrees Celsius.
– Travel tip: Don’t miss the huge indoor ice rink and a swimming pool!

2. Cervinia, Italy

Situatted just on the opposite side of a popular Swiss ski resort Zermatt, Cervinia resort and hotels prices tend to be about half the cost, with the same array of skiing tracks. The place is great for both beginner and pro-riders. Just make sure you don’t run into Switzerland by accident.

– Accommodations: You can rent out an apartment for a week starting at €250 per person.
– Weather: Daily average temperatures fall between -10 and -5 degrees Celsius during during winter.
– Travel tip: Freestylers should check out “IndianPark” with over 400 meters of incredible kickers and rails. Be sure you stay ’til late, as the hottest parties happen there too!

3. Girdwood, Alaska

This place recently got an accolade from “National Geographic” as the best “Off-the-beaten-path powder hounds with an aversion to glamour”. Pro-skiers will love nearly vertical slopes with hardly any other folks around, along with 360 degree perspective views opening from treeless tops! Not to miss: cat-skiing and heli-skiing offered at the base of the resort. Plus, take a day trip to nearby Anchorage to unwind on your rest day. The city is absolutely lovely.

– Accommodations: Double rooms run from €46 per night.
– Weather: Average temperatures range from -12 to -8 degrees Celsius during winter. Make sure you know these hacks for keeping your feet warm while skiing.
– Travel Tip: March is the best time to visit, as there is an average of 12 hours of daylight and it get’s just a tiny bit warmer.

4 . Klosters, Switzerland

An incredibly charming, chalet-style village just a few miles away from Davos and seeimingly divided into two main areas. Klosters Platz, where all cool kids hang out in the bars and shop ‘tll they drop at exquisite boutiques, along with fine red and black pistes accessible by a cable-car. And Klosters Dorf, with loads of nursery slopes to practice. Riding off-piste is pretty impressive too. Did you know Klosters is Prince Charles’s favorite resort?

– Accommodations: Double rooms start at €90 per night.
– Weather: Daily averages of -9 to -8 degrees Celsius during the winter.
– Travel tip: On your rest day, check out Davos Kirchner Museum dedicated to Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

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5. Soldeu, Andorra

Being part of the Grand Valira ski resort – the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees with 205 kilometers of runs – Soldeu is well-known for it’s sloping hills suitable for both beginners and intermediate skiers, along with a few fine black pistes for seasoned professionals.

– Accommodations: Doubles start at €60 per night.
– Weather: Daily averages of -5 to -2 degrees Celsius.
– Travel tip: You can easily drive to nearby Spanish or French towns for a day trip, as Andorra is really quite compact.

5. Zakopane, Poland

One of the hottest new ski destinations this year, Zakopane, offers amazingly cheap ski passes and a great array of terrains that both professional and beginners will admire. Add the excellent Polish cuisine (roasted lamb is an absolute must-try!), dirty cheap spas and a huge new water park nearby. Spending time in Zakopane would likely be fun, even for non-skiers.

– Accommodations: Soubles start as low as €12 per night.
– Weather: During the winter, daily temperatures range from -7 to -3 degrees Celsius.
– Travel tip: Visit gorgeous Black Pond during your rest day.

6. Geilo, Norway

Visiting Geilo may seem a bit pricey, but it is absolutely worth the splurge. Think about the five snow parks, a huge center for cross-skiing and one of the best spots for kite-skiing in the world! There are 39 slopes accessed by 20 lifts, with several easy green and blue pistes for newbies (along with a top-notch ski school), while more experienced skiers can check out Geilo’s extensive cross country system – 220 kilometers of tracks, including five km under floodlight.

– Accommodations: from €80 a night, per double room. But if you plan on renting out a cabin,  prices can drop to €50 to €60 per person.
– Weather: Daily averages of -8 to -4 degrees Celsius during the winter.
– Travel Tip: Slopes are nearly empty in the morning as Norwegians tend to begin skiing late.

7. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Being pretty remote, Jackson Hole is a dream destination for pro-skiers as it boasts the country’s longest continuous vertical relief, along with a bunch of nail-biting terrains and mind-blowing landscapes. Also, it’s a pretty darn great place to try heli-skiing!

– Accommodations: Start at €40 per double room.
– Weather: The daily average temperature ranges from -10 to -2 degrees Celsius during the winter.
– Travel Tip: National Elk Refuge and Yellowstone National Park are just a stone’s throw away.

8. Jasna, Slovakia

A hype destination for frugal young travelers, it comes with cheap beers and loads of budget accommodations available if booked in advance. Over 45 km of slopes, ranging from mild blue runs to breakneck freeride terrains.

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– Accommodations: From €35 per double room.
– Weather: -6 to -2 degrees Celsius during the winter.
– Travel Tip: Nightlife in Jasna is epic, with loads of cool events hosted every other weekend during high season.

9. Bled, Slovenia

Now, Bled may not have the giddiest pistes, yet it’s one of the most spectacular ski resorts in Europe. Watch glimpses of the sun disappear in the half-frozen Lake Blade, while riding down tree-covered slopes. And of course, you cannot miss visiting fairy-tale like Bled Castle!

– Accommodations: Starting at €30 for a double room.
– Weather: Temperatures range from -8 to -2 degrees Celsius during wintertime.
– Travel Tip: Should you crave for more twisted rides, check out slopes at Vogel, offering one of the biggest verticals in the area.

10. Fernie, British Columbia, Canada

Though it has one of the most spectacular ski terrains and deep puffy snow most time of the year, Fernie still stays off the travelers’ radar – which isn’t so bad after all! You can roam fresh tracks until the late afternoon and enjoy all of the wide open alpine bowls and daredevil chutes with hardly anyone else around. The town is charming, with loads of funky traditional houses and family-owned restaurants with moderate prices.

– Accommodations: From €56 per double room.
– Weather: Temperatures range from -8 to -4 degrees Celsius during the winter.
– Travel Tip: Bean Pod has some seriously awesome coffee and homemade chocolates!

11. Kitzbühel, Austria

A charming Tirol town with loads of medieval cobblestone lanes, Kitzbühel seems to be taken from a fancy chocolate box wrapper. Both intermediate and pros alike would admire long and extensive wide-open slopes with excellent views of Mt. Hahnenkamm and Kitzbühler Horn.

– Accommodations: Start at €80 per double room.
– Weather: Temperatures fall between -8 and -2 degrees Celsius during the winter.
– Travel Tip: You should definitely take a ride on the traditional horse-drawn sleighs.

12. Wanaka, New Zealand

You would love Wanaka for the “Lord of the Rings” scenery and loads of daredevilry tricky runs, earning the city a reputation of one of the world’s premiere adventure towns. Choose Treble Cone if you are a sucker for a good view, while riding most pistes here go above the tree line.

– Accommodations: Prices for a double room start at €42.
– Weather: Temps fall between -2 and 3 degrees Celsius during the winter months.
– Travel tip: Don’t forget that seasons are reversed in NZ and ski season in Wanaka runs from June ’til October.

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13. Niseko, Japan

Due to harsh winds blowing from Siberia, mounts at Niseko, Hokkaido always stay covered with sparkling fresh powder. The terrain varies from legendary tree runs like Strawberry Fields and Miharashi, to mind blowing powder fields if you step a bit off-pesto.

– Accommodations: From €50 per double room.
– Weather: During he winter, temperatures from between -15 and -8 degrees Celsius.
– Travel tip: Make sure you’ve taken enough cash, as most shops and restaurants don’t accept credit cards. The closest ATM is 6 kilometers away in Kutchan.

14. Verbier, Switzerland

Over 410 kilometers of pistes connected with 89 lifts and verticals ranging from 1500 meters to 3330 meters, makes Verbier a perfect choice for extreme junkies! Most runs are marked black, so make sure you’ve practiced well! Add to that the lively nightlife and a great choice of restaurants, and this place is all the more attractive.

– Accommodations: Start at €125 nightly for a double room.
– Weather: During the winter, temperatures fall in the range of -14 to -10 degrees Celsius.
– Travel Tip: If you’d like to splurge, head to Crock No Name – one of the most sophisticated places in town.

15. Portillo, Chile

Arguably one of the best ski resorts in South America, this place is well-known for huge mountain rains with epic views of the nearby Inca Lagoon. Seasoned skiers will fall in love with the local terrain and fabulous off-pisto tracks, making your guts cringe at first.

– Accommodations: From €40 nightly per double room.
– Weather: Temperatures fall between -5 and -2 degrees Celcius during the winter months. Note: seasons are also reversed here.
– Travel tip: Experts should not miss Roca Jack, accessed by a high-elevation tow rope.

16. Snowbird, Utah

Located in the very heart of marvelous Wasatch National Forest, Snowbird boasts mighty fine views, along with over 1,270 centimeters of snowfall per year. Yes, think loads of powder to chase on spectacular slopes!

– Accommodation: From€ 60 per double room nightly.
– Weather: The average temperatures fall between -8 and -5 degrees Celsius during the winter months.
– Travel tip: Head to Glen’s (named after Glen Doherty, a SEAL killed defending the U.S. consulate in 2012) if you crave a challenging, steep ride.

17. Tiffindell, South Africa

Tiffindell is one and only ski resort in South Africa with only two (ungraded) runs, yet the scenery here is simply jaw-dropping as the town lies in the shadows of the marvelous Mount Ben McDuie.

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– Accommodations: Start at € 100 nightly per double room.
– Weather: The average temperature drop is between -21 to -10 degrees Celsius during the winter.
– Travel tip: Make sure you’ve taken enough warm clothes as the temperature often drops to -21 degrees Celsius.

18. Riksgränsen, Sweden

Sweden ski resorts seem to be seriously underestimated, so you would hardly ever see any crowds around this place. Yet the very best thing is, you can still ski in Riksgränsen after bedtime, under the bright midnight sun.

– Accommodations: From €105 nightly, per double room
– Weather: Temperatures generally fall between -10 and -5 degrees Celsius during the winter.
– Travel tip: Ride down Gransleden for a brief detour into Norway, before sliding back to Sweden.

19. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

This ski are has been called the most beautiful in the world for it’s unusual and dramatic peaks of the Dolomites lurking here and there from the snow (watch out for them, btw!).Yet, the beauty has it’s price – Cortina is a high-end resort with loads of boutiques, ladies in exquisite furs and luxury spas.

– Accommodation: Start at €120 per double room.
– Weather: During the winter, the average temperatures are between -7 and -2 degrees Celsius.
– Travel tip: check out Enoteca Cortina wine cellar – Ernest Hemingway’s favorite bar where he once got so drunk during lunch that he could not return to skiing afterwards.

20. Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

It’s hard to believe you are still in North America when you walk along the charming narrow lanes of Mount Tremblant. Styled after traditional French Alpine villages, this resort boasts some of the finest gourmet dishes and fresh pastries after a long day of exploring one of the 95 runs.

– Accommodation: From €59 nightly, per double room.
– Weather: The average winter temperatures fall between -10 and 02 degrees Celsius.
– Travel tip: Opt for the pricey, yet amazing Scandinave Spa on your rest day.

Featured photo credit: Alex Lange via unsplash.com

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