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20 Cool Uses for Milk

Milk is one of those household staples that pretty much everyone has in the fridge. If you find yourself always buying more than you need, then perhaps you’ll find these cool household uses for milk helpful. For example, you might have heard that milk is good for your skin, but did you know that you can also use it to soothe a sunburn and bug bites, or to remove hard-to-take-off makeup? It’s also great when you use it during a massage along with essential oils since it carries the scents while tempering them so they aren’t too strong.

Aside from personal use, other uses for milk include polishing your silverware, shining up leather bags or shoes, and removing ink stains from clothing. It also makes a great marinade for fish to make it taste fresh caught without any “fishy” aftertaste.

1. Create a facial mask with milk.

2. Ease the symptoms of a sunburn with milk.

3. Remove stubborn makeup with milk.

4. Don’t let bug bites start to bug you.

5. Make your own shaving cream with milk.

6. Add a cup of whole milk or powdered milk to your bath water for amazing skin.

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