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17 Counter-intuitive Things The Most Successful People Do 

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

Did you know successful people pick fights on purpose? No, it’s not to deflate the egos of other team members. Rather, it’s to test them before handing over the reins to them in their field of expertise. This is among some of the counterintuitive things that successful people do.

Lateral thinking plays a big role in how successful people do things differently. Whether it is taking time off to reenergize, being open to rejection or not giving up on failure, they often choose to tread the less trodden path. Careful planning, delegation and giving unconditionally come naturally to these leaders. They are usually not deterred by failures and rarely give up on a task until it’s perfect in their own eyes.The infographic here by Roda Marketing reveals more such unusual traits of successful people.


17 Counter-intuitive Things The Most Successful People Do | RodaMarketing

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