16 GIFs To Make You A Mechanism Expert

16 GIFs To Make You A Mechanism Expert

Look at the daily stuff you see and use every day, do you know how they actually work? These interesting gifs will make you a mechanism expert in less than 5 minutes!

How A Key Opens The Lock

how key works

    How Washing Machine Works


      How Trumpet Functions


        How Submarine Cable Is Laid

        wire under the sea

          How Coins Are Filtered

          coins filter

            How Sewing Machine Works

            sewing machine

              How A Zipper Works


                How A Hypotrochoid Is Made



                  How Your Heart Functions


                    How A Gun Works




                      How A Grenade Works



                        How A Yin Yang Symbol Is Drawn

                        yin yang symbol

                          How A Fan Works


                            This Is PI Unrolling A Circle’s Circumference

                            Pi Unrolling a Circles Circumference

                              How A Manual Transmission Functions

                              car engine

                                How A Caliper Works


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