15 Amazing Gift Ideas Perfectly For Your Book-Loving Friends

15 Amazing Gift Ideas Perfectly For Your Book-Loving Friends

As we all know, books come in a variety shapes, sizes and genres. It’s therefore not surprising that gift ideas for book lovers are also vast and unique. You’re by no means restricted to paperbacks and hardcovers. Just because your bibliophile friend has all of the titles they want and has read them three times over doesn’t mean there aren’t some fantastic book worm gifts out there that you can wow them with. Here are just a few amazing choices.

1. Classic Author Plushie

Is your gift recipient a fan of Shakespeare, Austen or Wilde? Perhaps Dickens is more their style? Or maybe, if they’re as crazy as me, they love them all. These cuddly toys are the perfect gift for literary canon lovers who are still a child at heart. If they’re anything like me, they’ll be super excited to have some of their favorite classic authors reigning supreme on their bedspread.

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    2. Penguin Book Mug

    Those who wish they could spend their work days reading can hold their favorite titles all day long with these adorable mugs. Printed in the unique Penguin style, these instantly recognizable covers come in a myriad of options — everything from Pride and Prejudice to The Great Gatsby. They make the perfect gift for the book and caffeine lover.

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      3. Bath Caddy

      This gift idea doesn’t need much explanation; after all, who doesn’t like to unwind with a bubble bath and a good book? For extra brownie points, I recommend buying a model with a wine glass holder too.


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        4. Dedicated To… by W.B. Gooderham

        There’s nothing kitsch or cutesy about this book. Many book lovers will know the joy of second-hand bookstores, particularly when they find truly special gems. Some of the most rewarding experiences are finding notes and inscriptions from previous owners. These snapshots of the lives of book lovers have been compiled in Dedicated To… These secret glimpses range from funny to beautiful, heartwarming to heartbreaking. This is the perfect gift for someone who truly knows the impact that books can have on people’s lives.

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          5. Vintage Book of the Month Club

          Speaking of second-hand books, this is the perfect gift for the vintage tome lover. On Etsy, you can find several sellers who have set up vintage or antique book of the month clubs. Basically, you can buy your loved one a subscription, and every month they will receive a gorgeous old book. These titles can open you up to a world of reading you may never have considered before, and also make amazing display pieces for the home or office.

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            6. Book Jewelry

            People’s love for books can be ingrained deep in their hearts, so why not let them also display it on their chest? Now, before you get any weird ideas, I meant that you could purchase a gorgeous book-themed necklace. Etsy is awash with book jewelery, including some incredible steam punk pieces that I’m personally very fond of. Of course, you aren’t limited to necklaces — earrings, bracelets and rings also make fantastic gifts.


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              7. Book-Themed Tote Bags

              For the book lover who wants to hold their favorite title on their sleeve, a themed tote bag may be the answer. Websites such such as Modcloth offer a variety of book covers in bag form, including The Great Gatsby (of course), Alice in WonderlandA Clockwork Orange and even The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Grocery trips have never been more literary!

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                 8. Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle

                Know someone with a love of books and a penchant for cocktails? You can now combine these two loves with Tequila Mockingbird, a cocktail book with a literary twist. It contains 65 recipes that combine deliciousness with puntastic names. Some of my personal favorites include, A Rum of One’s Own and Love in the Time of Kahlua.  As an added bonus, the book includes some hilarious drinking game suggestions.

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                  9. Quotable Chocolate Bars

                  That’s right people, these really are a thing.  You can now buy chocolate bars with quotes from your favorite classic tales over at The Literary Gift Company. So if you have a friend with a chocolate addiction and a penchant for Mr. Darcy (or any of the other fantastic character quotes available), this is the gift for them.

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                    10. Personal Library Kit

                    If your friend is anything like me, they’re damn sick of lending out their books to people and either losing track of them or simply never getting them back. A personal library kit is the answer to this problem. Just like a real library, you can keep track of who has borrowed what and how long they’ve had it for. Sure, it may sound a little anal, but us book lovers tend to love organization, as well as getting our paperback babies back.


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                      11. A Literary Candle

                      No, really. You can now buy candles that have had their scents carefully matched with a quote from a renowned author. You may think it sounds insane, but as a candle lover I think it’s amazing and incredibly special. FYI, even though Poe is one of the options, his candle doesn’t smell like blood, floorboards or insanity.

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                        12. Book Cover T-Shirt

                        They may own the book, but now you can help your friend show their love everywhere they go. Websites such as Out of Print Clothing have a wide array of book cover t-shirts and sweaters. What’s most exciting is that they don’t just stick to the classics, they also have a nice selection of modern titles as well.


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                          13. Shakespearean Magnetic Poetry Kit

                          This is a hilarious gift for any fan of Shakespeare. Each set contains a huge selection of Shakespearean words that can be used to create your own fridge sonnets. Or, if you’re anything like my housemate and I, you can use it to leave Shakespearean insults and dirty limericks for each other. Either way, this guarantees hours of literary entertainment.

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                            14. Grammar Mugs

                            OK, I know we already covered mugs, but these are simply too amusing to pass up. If your book-loving friend is also a stickler for grammar, these are the perfect gifts for them. The Literary Gift Company has a wide selection of grammar-related mugs that are guaranteed to make you giggle. My personal favorite is “I’m figuratively dying for a cuppa.”
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                              15. An E-Reader

                              This is perhaps a controversial addition, as most book lovers I know prefer having physical copies. However, an e-reader can still be a great present, especially if your friend is a commuter or likes to travel and can never decide on just one book. I personally have that exact problem. Having an e-reader means I don’t have to try stuffing 15 different titles into my suitcase while simultaneously wondering if I’ll be able to fit the 10 more I plan to buy on vacation. Despite my own personal reservations, an e-reader hasn’t stopped me from buying hard copy books, nor lessened my love for them. It’s simply been a fantastic modern convenience that was in fact a gift.

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