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13 Pregnancy Myths That Are Totally Made Up



Let’s be honest, pregnancy is pretty weird if you think about it. I mean, there’re little baby human’s growing inside lady humans’ bodies and if the mother eats any Indian food that baby will just shoot out like the woman is a t-shirt gun.

Wait, that’s not true? WHAT?

According to this infographic from Pish Posh Baby, a lot of the most common ‘tips’ and ‘rules’ about pregnancy are that you may of heard about are in fact myths!

Of course, if you or your partner have ever been pregnant then you probably know at least some of these are complete nonsense, however many of these are pretty believable if you don’t know better. Well, except for the ‘heartburn = hairy baby’ thing, which I’d never heard of before and is about ten different types of weird.

Are there any other pregnancy myths you know to be completely unfounded? Or how about any strange tips which are actually true? Let us know!

Pregnancy Myths | Pish Posh Baby

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