12 Common Dream Symbols And What They Mean

12 Common Dream Symbols And What They Mean



    “Your dreams are full of symbols that could shed light on your life – if you know how to interpret them”

    The images and stories our subconsciouses create can show us many secrets we may be unaware of in our waking lives. It is very likely that you will forget 90% of your dream after waking, however if you can remember your dreams here are the interpretations of a dozen common dream themes:

    1. Death: A big change is coming, either for you or someone close to you.

    2. Falling: Falling can imply you feel a lack of control or have insecurities in your life.

    3. Friends: Friends could signify your own personality traits that you’re unaware of, and/or that need exploring.

    4. Sex: Often our subconscious sex partners may actually represent qualities we want to create or unlock within ourselves.

    5. Flying: Flying represents a feeling of freedom and/or inspiration.

    6. Paralysis: You may be feeling helpless in your daily life.

    7. Running: You mat be yearning to escape a situation or someone in your waking life. Or you may be aiming to achieve an important goal.

    8. Teeth: Teeth represent confidence and strength. If your teeth are falling out, it may represent a fear of embarrassment or low self-confidence.

    9. A Test/ Exam: Anxiety or a sense of failure may be present in your life.

    10. Water: Water represents your emotional side, and the state of the water in your mind will reveal the kind of emotions you need to confront.

    11. Nakedness: A situation or relationship may be creating a sense of vulnerability and exposure.

    12. Pregnancy: Growth or something new – perhaps goals, a project or circumstances – are present in your life.

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