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11 Body Hacks that You Should Know About

Have you got any tiny itchy issues with your body sometimes but don’t know how to deal with them? Say how to kill the brain freeze or what to do when your limbs fall asleep? The following 11 body hacks will help you get the issues fixed.

1. To lessen the pain when you have an injection from the doctor, cough!

Studies have shown that the act of a sudden cough cause less pain to a person while having the injection.

2. Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth and press a finger between your eyebrows if you want to clear a stuffy nose or relieve the sinus pressure.

This causes the vomer bone to rock and your congestion will be loosened.

3. Lay on your left side if you want to sleep after having a big full meal.

The stomach is higher than the oesophagus when you sleep on your right; thus allowing food and stomach acid to go up to your throat.

sleep on the left side

4. If you have a toothache, rub some ice on the on the webbed area between your thumb and index finger.

By numbing your hand, your pain intensity will be reduced.

5. When you have a nosebleed, put some cotton on your upper gums behind the small dent below your nose and press on it.

By giving pressure on the gums, the supply of the blood to the nose can be blocked.

6. If your throat is a little itchy, scratch your ear.

By doing so, you stimulate the nerves in the ear and create a reflex in the throat which causes a muscle spasm that kills the itchy feeling.

7. Use your right ear to listen to the phone or hear people talk at a party.

Your right ear picks up words better while your left ear picks up sounds/music better.

right ear

8. If you start to feel dizzy and drunk, put your hand on something hard and stable.

Putting your hand on a stable subject help you feel more balance.

9. Putting your tongue flat against your mouth’s roof can prevent brain freeze.

This is because brain freeze happens when the nerves in your mouth’s roof get too cold.

brain freeze

10. If your hand falls asleep, move your neck and head.

The compressing nerves in your neck causes your hand to fall asleep, so move it side to side can relieve that.

11. If you feel nervous, try to blow your thumb.

Blowing cool wind to your thumb can slow down its pulse and calm you down eventually.


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