10 of the Most Family Friendly Vacation Destinations in Europe

10 of the Most Family Friendly Vacation Destinations in Europe

Are you starting to plan your next family vacation? There is a lot of buzz about Europe these days. A strong dollar and weak euro, great prices on airfares and rising hotel prices in North America and lowering hotels costs in Europe has made travel to the continent quite a deal as of late! Loaded with fairy tale castles, quirky museums, amusement parks, stunning architecture, bikes and boat rides, a trip to the Europe offers all of the makings for the best family vacation ever! With so much to see and do it can be a bit overwhelming to decide where to go! I’ve put together a list of ten of the most family friendly vacation destinations in Europe to make your trip planning a litter bit easier.

1. London, England

family friendly vacation destinations in europe
    Photo via Flickr

    Why go? How can visiting families go wrong in the city that gave us Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit, and Paddington Bear, really? Oh, and don’t forget the Royalty, giant Ferris wheel and famed architecture. Another great thing about visiting London is its mind-blowing museums and the fact that admission to see most of them is free!

    Don’t Miss

    • The London Dungeon
    • The Natural History Museum
    • St. James Park and The Changing of The Guard
    • The Tower of London

    2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    family friendly vacation destinations in europe
      Photo via Pixabay

      Why go? Amsterdam is a well-known destination for grown-ups, but in reality, it’s filled with tons of fun for kids big and small! With with cool museums, historical treasures and outdoor fun in sweeping parks, not to mention all of the biking and boating, Amsterdam is absolutely overflowing with things for families to enjoy!

      Don’t Miss


      3. Paris, France

      family friendly vacation destinations in europe
        Photo Via Flickr

        Why Go? Who doesn’t love fresh baked baguettes, croissants and silky crepes, oh my! Paris is not just for lovers; it’s for everyone. Little ones will love the pastry shops on every corner and you’ll enjoy how easy it is to get around on the Metro and the view of the Eiffel Tower from every vista in this truly amazing city.

        Don’t Miss

        • Jardin Luxembourg
        • The Catacombs
        • A trip to the top of The Eiffel Tower
        • The Museum Of Natural History

        4. Berlin, Germany

        family friendly vacation desinations in europe
          Photo via Flickr

          Why go? Ever evolving Berlin offers so much urban adventure for families to enjoy! Voted most fun to visit in the world in 2014, Berlin seems to go out of its way to make families feel welcome. With oodles of Kindercafes, sprawling green spaces, exciting playgrounds, all steeped in rich history and tradition there is no shortage of fun things for families to do in Berlin!

          Don’t Miss

          5. Prague, Czech Republic

          family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
            Photo via Flickr

            Why Go? The city of a thousand spires is like something straight out of a storybook! Kids will love hearing the Astrological Clock chime, exploring Prague Castle, and gazing at The Dancing House. Meanwhile, parents will appreciate great beer, gothic architecture, and seriously cheap prices.


            Don’t Miss

            • Prague Jewish Museum
            • Walk the Charles Bridge
            • Petrin Park
            • Prague Castle

            6. Barcelona, Spain


              Why Go? Barcelona is electric! Bright colors, ornately bizarre architecture, spicy smells, sweet sounds, and delicious tastes will confuse, delight and inspire like something from Suess or Alice in Wonderland. The famous street in Barcelona, La Rambla, filled with performers eating fire or swallowing swords will both excite and delight the kids. Not to mention the myriad of museums dedicated to chocolate, invention and hands-on science experiments! There is something to amaze and enthral everyone in your crew in Barcelona.

              Don’t Miss

              7. Vienna, Austria

              family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
                Photo via Flickr

                Why Go? Where should I start? In addition to being among the best in the world for its public transit system, Vienna goes out of its way to cater to kids! With its architecture, opera; delicious food—from schnitzel to Sacher torte, Vienna will have your family waltzing the streets until the end of your stay. This culturally rich city has a lot to offer families who want to create the best travel memories.


                Don’t Miss

                8. Rome, Italy

                family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
                  Photo via Pixabay

                  Why Go? Gladiators, gelato, and absolutely stunning architecture in this city rich in ancient history and cutting edge cuisine. Ahhhh Rome, the locals adore children and food. What more could you ask for?

                  Don’t Miss

                  • Free walking Tours
                  • A look inside the Colosseum
                  • A visit to Vatican City
                  • The Trevi Fountain

                  9. Dublin, Ireland

                  family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
                    Photo via Flickr

                    Why Go? Irish eyes aren’t the only thing that will be smiling when your family touches down in Dublin! The welcoming locals will have you all grinning from ear to ear every day of your stay. With a warm and friendly culture, no language barrier (besides the cool accent), Dublin is fun and easy to visit for aspiring adventurers.

                    Don’t Miss


                    10. Brussels, Belgium

                    family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
                      Photo via Flickr

                      Why go? Brussels is one of the best for family travellers! The fun loving locals see the humor in life making it a great place to visit with kids. Stunning medieval architecture blends with colorful murals and quirky sculpture, a little boy peeing is the mascot for the city for goodness sake! Brussels is not as busy as Paris or London but has all of the same allure, which makes it even more appealing for family travel.

                      Don’t Miss

                      Studies show hotel rates are on the decline in Europe and Airfares are more affordable than they have been in years! With great family friendly destination choices, there has never been a better time to book a family trip to cities like Paris or Rome. Where do you want to take the family?

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