10 of the Most Family Friendly Vacation Destinations in Europe

10 of the Most Family Friendly Vacation Destinations in Europe

Are you starting to plan your next family vacation? There is a lot of buzz about Europe these days. A strong dollar and weak euro, great prices on airfares and rising hotel prices in North America and lowering hotels costs in Europe has made travel to the continent quite a deal as of late! Loaded with fairy tale castles, quirky museums, amusement parks, stunning architecture, bikes and boat rides, a trip to the Europe offers all of the makings for the best family vacation ever! With so much to see and do it can be a bit overwhelming to decide where to go! I’ve put together a list of ten of the most family friendly vacation destinations in Europe to make your trip planning a litter bit easier.

1. London, England

family friendly vacation destinations in europe
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    Why go? How can visiting families go wrong in the city that gave us Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit, and Paddington Bear, really? Oh, and don’t forget the Royalty, giant Ferris wheel and famed architecture. Another great thing about visiting London is its mind-blowing museums and the fact that admission to see most of them is free!

    Don’t Miss

    • The London Dungeon
    • The Natural History Museum
    • St. James Park and The Changing of The Guard
    • The Tower of London

    2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    family friendly vacation destinations in europe
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      Why go? Amsterdam is a well-known destination for grown-ups, but in reality, it’s filled with tons of fun for kids big and small! With with cool museums, historical treasures and outdoor fun in sweeping parks, not to mention all of the biking and boating, Amsterdam is absolutely overflowing with things for families to enjoy!

      Don’t Miss


      3. Paris, France

      family friendly vacation destinations in europe
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        Why Go? Who doesn’t love fresh baked baguettes, croissants and silky crepes, oh my! Paris is not just for lovers; it’s for everyone. Little ones will love the pastry shops on every corner and you’ll enjoy how easy it is to get around on the Metro and the view of the Eiffel Tower from every vista in this truly amazing city.

        Don’t Miss

        • Jardin Luxembourg
        • The Catacombs
        • A trip to the top of The Eiffel Tower
        • The Museum Of Natural History

        4. Berlin, Germany

        family friendly vacation desinations in europe
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          Why go? Ever evolving Berlin offers so much urban adventure for families to enjoy! Voted most fun to visit in the world in 2014, Berlin seems to go out of its way to make families feel welcome. With oodles of Kindercafes, sprawling green spaces, exciting playgrounds, all steeped in rich history and tradition there is no shortage of fun things for families to do in Berlin!

          Don’t Miss

          5. Prague, Czech Republic

          family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
            Photo via Flickr

            Why Go? The city of a thousand spires is like something straight out of a storybook! Kids will love hearing the Astrological Clock chime, exploring Prague Castle, and gazing at The Dancing House. Meanwhile, parents will appreciate great beer, gothic architecture, and seriously cheap prices.


            Don’t Miss

            • Prague Jewish Museum
            • Walk the Charles Bridge
            • Petrin Park
            • Prague Castle

            6. Barcelona, Spain


              Why Go? Barcelona is electric! Bright colors, ornately bizarre architecture, spicy smells, sweet sounds, and delicious tastes will confuse, delight and inspire like something from Suess or Alice in Wonderland. The famous street in Barcelona, La Rambla, filled with performers eating fire or swallowing swords will both excite and delight the kids. Not to mention the myriad of museums dedicated to chocolate, invention and hands-on science experiments! There is something to amaze and enthral everyone in your crew in Barcelona.

              Don’t Miss

              7. Vienna, Austria

              family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
                Photo via Flickr

                Why Go? Where should I start? In addition to being among the best in the world for its public transit system, Vienna goes out of its way to cater to kids! With its architecture, opera; delicious food—from schnitzel to Sacher torte, Vienna will have your family waltzing the streets until the end of your stay. This culturally rich city has a lot to offer families who want to create the best travel memories.


                Don’t Miss

                8. Rome, Italy

                family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
                  Photo via Pixabay

                  Why Go? Gladiators, gelato, and absolutely stunning architecture in this city rich in ancient history and cutting edge cuisine. Ahhhh Rome, the locals adore children and food. What more could you ask for?

                  Don’t Miss

                  • Free walking Tours
                  • A look inside the Colosseum
                  • A visit to Vatican City
                  • The Trevi Fountain

                  9. Dublin, Ireland

                  family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
                    Photo via Flickr

                    Why Go? Irish eyes aren’t the only thing that will be smiling when your family touches down in Dublin! The welcoming locals will have you all grinning from ear to ear every day of your stay. With a warm and friendly culture, no language barrier (besides the cool accent), Dublin is fun and easy to visit for aspiring adventurers.

                    Don’t Miss


                    10. Brussels, Belgium

                    family friendly vacation destinations in Europe
                      Photo via Flickr

                      Why go? Brussels is one of the best for family travellers! The fun loving locals see the humor in life making it a great place to visit with kids. Stunning medieval architecture blends with colorful murals and quirky sculpture, a little boy peeing is the mascot for the city for goodness sake! Brussels is not as busy as Paris or London but has all of the same allure, which makes it even more appealing for family travel.

                      Don’t Miss

                      Studies show hotel rates are on the decline in Europe and Airfares are more affordable than they have been in years! With great family friendly destination choices, there has never been a better time to book a family trip to cities like Paris or Rome. Where do you want to take the family?

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                      Last Updated on August 10, 2020

                      8 Reasons Why Goal Setting Is Important to a Fulfilling Life

                      8 Reasons Why Goal Setting Is Important to a Fulfilling Life

                      The importance of effective goal setting cannot be overstated on our personal journeys towards success. This is why there are countless articles out there on how to set your own SMART goals and even why it’s a skill commonly taught to a small degree in classrooms.

                      Learning the importance of goal setting and the benefits of sticking to those goals can be the defining factor determining whether we truly embrace the importance of goal setting. The more willing we are to embrace this method, the more likely we become to reach our personal definitions of personal and professional success.

                      Thus, today’s article is going to walk you through some of the benefits you’ll see from learning to set goals for yourself and answer the question, “why is goal setting important?”

                      1. Goals Guide and Align Our Focus

                      It’s hard to get to where you want to be in life if you don’t know what you’re aiming for. Some people believe avoiding goals means living a more care-free life. How many times have you heard the phrase “If I have no expectations, then I can’t be disappointed”?

                      But is that really what our lives have come to? Living just to avoid disappointment? It doesn’t seem like an overly optimistic view in my opinion. And since you’re reading this article, I’m willing to bet that you agree with me.

                      Without goals, we lack a degree of direction and focus. Sure you may be able to avoid disappointment, but just avoiding disappointment doesn’t mean you are necessarily happy.

                      Without goals, we will pointlessly waste our time, energy, and efforts. Listen to anybody who is the top of their field and they’ll tell you something like this,

                      “Yes talent is important, but often your success depends much more on what you decide to do with that talent.”

                      And what you will do with your talent largely depends on your focus.

                      Your goals give you direction. Your goals give you something to shoot for. This direction and target you create in your mind will help you to progress towards your main life goals rather than simply wander around aimlessly. These goals will help you align your actions and behaviors as you continue moving forward.


                      So, why is goal setting important? Because it gives you direction, alignment, and purpose!

                      2. Goals Help You Avoid ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’

                      Basically, shiny object syndrome is always being in pursuit of the next big thing, constantly switching your goals based on what you feel is most fun and interesting at the given moment, but never actually giving yourself time to accomplish any of those goals.

                      You don’t get anywhere because you continually change the direction you are heading in. This is one of the consequences that may result if you decide to live a life without goals.

                      Your goals can sometimes help you to create mental barriers, or blinders, that help you to remain focused on what you think is important and avoid the things that are second priority. When you outline goals for yourself, you are better able to avoid things that distract you from achieving and accomplishing those goals.

                      Setting goals helps you to step around the other shiny objects because you’ve taken the time to make some mental notes that remind you what it is that you want from your life. Your goals act as subconscious deterrents to anything less than your main priorities. This is what helps you to reach your personal definition of success.

                      So, why is goal setting important? Because not only do goals tell you what you want from life, but they also help you realize what you need to give up and avoid to achieve that.

                      3. Goals Turn Our Largest Goals into Manageable Steps

                      A lot of us have big hopes and dreams. It’s one of the things that make our lives exciting!

                      But a lot of us never take the time to figure out how we can effectively get from point A to point B. So, sadly, we never fully achieve those goals. We look at our dreams and convince ourselves that only a select few people ever achieve them, so we write ourselves off as people not meant to reach that level of success. Looking at the end product of a goal can be intimidating, daunting, and discourage us from even pursuing them.

                      Thankfully, goal setting helps us break large intimidating goals into smaller ones. These small steps and more achievable goals will help us to build momentum and will encourage us to keep working towards the next phase of our goal. The form the foundation from which we can begin building the life that we truly hope to have for ourselves, our families, and may even for our communities depending on how big your goals are!

                      Whenever I get talking about this aspect of goal setting, I can’t help but think about the mountain climbing analogy, and that the easiest way to climb a mountain is simply step by step.


                      So, why is goal setting important? Goal setting gives you a list of manageable steps that you can take in order to take your life from where it is now to where you want it to go both effectively and efficiently.

                      4. Goals Encourage You to Take Action

                      This builds on the last benefit of goal setting. Not only does effective goal setting help you break down your larger goals into smaller, more manageable ones, but it also encourages you to actually begin taking action on those goals. After all, a plan is completely worthless if you aren’t willing to invest the effort required to execute it.

                      Setting your goals and putting your plan in place motivates you to begin taking action towards achieving them. These goals give you something to plan and work towards. Essentially, they help propel you forward.

                      What I like to do is write out and place my goals somewhere that I’ll regularly see them. This constantly serves as a reminder of my top priorities. It allows me to focus on taking small progressive actions towards achieving these goals daily.

                      This ensures that I don’t fall into the trap of setting a goal, beginning to work towards it for a while, but then having my motivation fade resulting in me falling off track. This is exactly what many people see happen when it comes to their “New Year’s Resolutions.”

                      If you want to learn about how to take action towards achieving your goal, here’s how: How To Take Action Towards Your Goals Right Now

                      So, why is goal setting important? Because goal setting actually motivates you to stop thinking about your goals and actually get out there and achieve them!

                      5. Goal Setting Helps You Continually Improve

                      This is something that a lot of personal development and self-improvement writers talk about, continual improvement. For those of you who are not aware of the term, continual improvement is exactly what it sounds like — taking small steps towards improvement as frequently as you can to develop into the person you want to become.

                      What’s the point in improving a little bit each day if you’re not improving in the areas that you want to improve in after all?

                      The goals that you define for yourself will inevitably shape you into the person who you want to become. They’ll shape your character. Your goals can help you measure your progress as you strive for this type of development.


                      Essentially, having goals helps you determine where you started, where you are now, and how much further you need to go. In this manner, your goal setting can serve as milestones and benchmarks that help you determine how well you’re progressing towards your most important goals!

                      So, why is goal setting important? Goal setting helps you make improvements each day that will slowly transition you into the person you want to become.

                      6. Goal Setting Keeps You Accountable

                      Not only does setting goals help you measure your progress, but it also is a means through which you can keep yourself accountable. Too many goals fail because they lack this crucial aspect of outlining accountability.

                      For example, if I have the goal to do 50 push-ups, that’s great. Most people would support that goal. However, this goal lacks accountability. When do I want to accomplish this goal by and what steps do I take to get there? These are important questions that the original goal leaves unanswered.

                      A much more descriptive and specific goal could be to do 50 push-ups within the next 3 months by starting at 5 push-ups, and then adding 5 each week. This goal outlines the deadline as well as the steps I’m going to take to achieve it. This plan will keep me accountable because if I fail to retain my progression schedule, I will know that I’m not going to achieve the goal on time.

                      Additionally, it can serve as a marker helping to signify when something is impeding my progress that I may not have initially accounted for. This tells me that I need to re-evaluate what I’m doing and figure out what adjustments I can make to facilitate my success.

                      So, why is goal setting important? Setting goals is key to keeping ourselves accountable and on-track towards accomplishing our goals according to the schedules and deadlines we set for ourselves.

                      7. Goals Make You Feel Good

                      Trust me, the progress you feel as you set and achieve goals can become super motivating and super addicting (in a good way)! The dopamine release you get from achieving your goals is like a little reward for our brains that continually motivates us to try and hit that next goal!

                      Having some clearly defined goals will help you to feel better about yourself and your life in general, especially when you stick to those goals, actively work towards achieving them, and end up accomplishing and surpassing your initial expectations. I’m not the oldest book on the shelf myself, but I can attest that there are not many feelings quite like the one you experience when you truly get on a roll!

                      Additionally, our goals give us an endpoint to shoot for. Rather than progress for progress’s sake, you can actually see where you’re heading! That’s so much more rewarding. Think about a long car trip as a kid. You ask “if you’re there yet?” ever 20 minutes. It seems like the drive drags on forever.


                      If you don’t know where you’re going, you risk the journey becoming tedious. It doesn’t tend to be much fun wandering around aimlessly. Goals make us feel good about where we’re directing ourselves.

                      So, why is goal setting important? Because setting goals and accomplishing them plain and simply make us feel better about ourselves and our lives!

                      8. Goals Help You Live Your Best Life

                      I’ve talked a lot in this article about how goal setting helps us progress towards our top priorities and live the way we truly want to live. So I think it’s fit to end the article with this goal because, in the end, I feel it’s the most important one.

                      Setting your goals and clearly defining what they mean to you will help you live a life that is tailored to your beliefs and values. Your life will become directed towards the things that you most want to achieve.

                      Life is a tricky game and only in very rare circumstances are things handed to us on a silver platter. Often it takes a great degree of work, planning, and effortful execution of both.

                      There is no point clinging on to things in your life if they don’t bring you happiness or help you accomplish something that, in some way, aligns with your goals.

                      Simply put, setting goals helps us live a life that allows us to pursue the challenges and rewards that we truly want to achieve.

                      So, why is goal setting important? Because our time is always limited, and setting clearly defined goals can help ensure that you make the most of your life and live to the fullest! Find out more here: How to Use SMART Goal to Become Highly Successful in Life

                      Final Thoughts

                      These are just a few of the benefits of goal setting that outline why it truly is so important. If you take a moment or two, I bet that you can even think of a few more benefits yourself that you could add to this list.

                      If I could leave you with something, it would be this:

                      Goal setting has the potential to take us to some amazing places in life because we all have talent and ambitions. To achieve your biggest dreams, you need to be willing to sit down and create a life design uniquely tailored to you that will help you achieve them!

                      More Tips About Goals Setting

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