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You Had me at Insane

Dustin Walper launched at us with his bright red blog and the word “Maverick” in his email and his title. You’ve gotta respect someone like that. But even more so, Dustin is all about embracing insanity. As a proven insane person, Dustin couldn’t have mis-named a better guy than me.

Over at his website, Dustin has a great series about “Embracing Your Insanity.” Yes, you heard me. You’re insane. And it’s okay!

Part one suggests that we embrace our urges:

So, if there is even the remote possibility that our urges could be meaningfully directed by our subconscious, perhaps to steer the outcome of a situation, wouldn’t it seem wise to follow through with these urges just to see where they lead? At most they’ll create new situations and experiences, and at the very least they will be an exciting twist on day-to-day life.

The article goes on to talk about listening to the voices in our head and really reaching for what makes an entrepreneur and maverick truly unique. Give it a whirl.

Embracing Your Insanity, Part 1 – []

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