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You Can Sue Telemarketers!


Since I started working from home, the occurrence of my day being interrupted by unwanted calls has increased dramatically. I dread answering the house phone because I am certain half of the calls are telemarketers.

But did you know you can turn that daily nuisance into a paycheck?

André-Tascha Lammé was granted a judgment of $3,500 last month, and he’s making a living out of it.

Lammé started getting pelted with calls from mortgage brokers last year, just as his adjustable rate mortgage was about to reset. Like many consumers, he quickly reached the boiling point over the frequent interruptions. But unlike many consumers, the computer programmer took the time to educate himself – perhaps owing to the spirit of his grandmother, a lawyer for several decades – and quickly discovered the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

“It specifically deals with unwanted calls,” he said. “For each violation, there is a $500 penalty.” Who gets that money? The call recipient. Lammé read on and found he didn’t have to hire a high-priced attorney to pursue the penalty fees – he could file the case himself.

And thanks to technology and the ‘internet’ you can file the cases online!

“It only took me five or 10 minutes to file,” he says. “No more than a half-hour total.”
In two prior cases, Lammé didn’t even have to go to court. Two other companies settled with him for about $2,500 after he filed his case.

But don’t go filing suits against your telephone company, or anyone you have signed a contract with – you probably signed away your right to sue them.

The key is to file under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which Congress states penalties should award the consumer.

Lammé is so keen on his new job he want you to get in on the act too. He’s set up a website to ‘combat’ the telemarketing companies and put some cash in your hand.

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