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Wired on Getting Things Done

Robert Andrews at Wired has an article which touched base on what is David Allen’s Getting Things Done and introduced the Getting Things Done approach on task management:

… Like all the best self-help schemes, GTD followers must submit to a five-step plan. First, empty the thoughts and ideas swirling around your overtaxed brain into what Allen calls a “collection bucket” — this can be any trusted place, from a writing pad to Microsoft Project, as long as those memes live somewhere other than your head.

Next, decide what you need to do, if anything, to act on those ideas. Then organize and review your actions routinely to ensure your new to-do system stays in shape. “The single most important discipline that is essential if you are going to be successful at integrating GTD principles into your life is review,” according to GTD practitioner Marc Orchant. “If you review your action lists, your commitments, your inboxes on a regular basis, the system works.” …

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