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Why is time passing so quickly?

It is a phenomenon for everyone to think time is passing real fast? I realized the same thing after passing all those high school years. When I was studying in university, time flies like a sport car. After I have started working, time flies like a bullet. I asked myself – will my life goes just like this?

It is interesting to see some people asked the similar question.

Some answers within the thread are quite interesting, such as this one shows: anticipation slows down time.

… Not completely answering your question, but I have always noticed – even as a child – that when I am waiting for some future event to happen, time goes by like molasses. If I am thinking only of the here and now (like when I am absorbed in a project or something that keeps my specific attention) time flies by very quickly. This “quickening” can happen even if I don’t particularly like the event. A good example is putting out fires at work vs. watching the clock just before a long weekend holiday that you are anxious to start.

So, I think it is completely psychological in our method of percieving awaited events. I know as a kid I was always thinking of something in the future, be it the end of the school day (good) the beginning of the next school day (bad), Xmas morning, birthday, new movie coming out, vacation, etc. Something happening in the future was always more concerning than whatever was happening right that minute. As an adult I find that I worry less about future events and am very busy in the hear and now much more often…

For me, when my time and energies are used on loads of tasks and projects within my work and outside-work life, time are really going quickly. Main reason is that I do not count time anymore. This also proves why when I was a kid, time seems went slower, because I had nothing important to do. This can also reflect the more organized and focus I am, the quicker the time seems go. So it seems not a bad thing anymore.

Do you guys thought of this before? What are you takes on the reason?

Why is time passing so quickly? – [Ask Metafilter]

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