Where’s Your Motivation?

Where’s Your Motivation?

How can you get through life without motivation? Could you ever finish anything without something gained at the end?

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    You want to motivate yourself. You have to figure out what motivates you most effectively. Or you want to motivate others. You have to figure out what motivates them most effectively. The University of Minnesota Career Center has a work values inventory that pinpoints eleven areas that can motivate:

    1. independence
    2. creativity
    3. challenge
    4. money
    5. self expression
    6. service to others
    7. power
    8. achievement
    9. recognition
    10. interpersonal relationships
    11. variety

    Finding where your motivations lie for a particular task or goal makes you understand your reasons for succeeding.

    If your motivation is money, then develop a scheme that affects your bankroll. If you’re trying to quit something, make sure you punish yourself monetarily for any lapses. If you’re motivated by recognition, then each attempt you make at getting your name out will be a small success in itself, building towards your larger goal.

    Try putting these areas of motivation in order of importance. Prioritizing this list could be a shortcut to more effectively motivating yourself.

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