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What's Your Theme Song?

relieve stress with singing blackbird

We’ve discussed how music can support your productivity, get you in that working mode. The right song can help you get through trouble.
When you hear your favorite song you become a different person almost. That song that will boost your energy and lift your spirits is valuable.

Author, Gail Blanke recalls a trip to an important publisher. This was a big deal and she wasn’t feeling quite up to it while walking on Third Avenue in New York City to meet the editor. But then Gail found her song…

That did it, all right. I was no longer walking; I was strutting, I was smiling, I was bursting with energy. I was unstoppable. About 20 minutes into our meeting, that editor said, “You know what, Gail? We really want to buy your book. We love your energy!” Now I sing my song every time I walk into a challenging, ego-on-the-line situation. And it always works. Oh, I don’t mean I always make the sale. But I always bring my best self into the room — whether it’s an interview, a presentation, or a cocktail party filled with people I don’t know.

It’s worth noting that Gail actually sings the song. It makes a big difference, I think, making the words and melody come out of your mouth.

According to Patricia Preston-Roberts, a board-certified music therapist in New York City, singing can lower heart rate and decrease blood pressure. Medically speaking, it’s an instant stress-reliever of sorts.

You may have a tune that immediately springs to mind. Likewise, you may have a little library of do-or-die tracks that can get you through anything. What are they?

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