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Visualize Your Business

Reg at Elemental Truths has an interesting premise: turn your business into a “battlefield map.” The basic premise is that by converting logistics and details to a bunch of visual elements on a map, more meaning can be made from the results. Also, it’s an easier (faster?) way to consume a lot of status data visually.

When I was in the service I learned the importance of building a detailed map of the battlefield. This task was carried out to be as accurate and complete in every pains taking detail, as humanly possible. This is one instance in which the phrase military intelligence is not an oxymoron.

Reg continues with a list of ten ways the maps might prove helpful. He mentions even taking the analogy forward into using an actual map of your building, or the region, if your activities are confined to that area. See what you think.

The Battlefield Map as a Communication Tool – [Elemental Truths]

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