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Visual Ergonomics in the Office


Many of us want to maximize our productivity in front of computer, ergonomic is one of the key element to ensure we are not tired hence losing productivity because of bad posture and lighting. Dennis Ankrum gives a great advice on monitor placement and lighting, including eye-to-screen distance, vertical location, monitor tilt, lighting and screen color. Here is a summary:

  • Eye-to-screen distance: at least 25″, preferably more.
  • Vertical location: viewing area of the monitor between 15° and 50° below horizontal eye level.
  • Monitor tilt: top of the monitor slightly farther from the eyes than the bottom of the monitor.
  • Lighting: ceiling suspended, indirect lighting. Use blinds and shades to control outside light.
  • Screen colors: dark letters on a light background.

Visual Ergonomics in the Office

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