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Virtual Team to the Extreme: MySQL in 25 countries

Where can we look at examples on virtual team and its management? Try MySQL, which has 320 workers in 25 countries – best of all, 70% of them are working from home. Is it hard to organize and manage? It seems that this database software company has no fear on this and still could generate big bucks. They have different philosophy on hiring and communications:

1. Hiring: Recruiting those who toil remotely takes a different mindset. MySQL hires strictly for skill – not the ability to play nicely with others. Its user base, a virtual farm team, lets the company assess talent by watching them grapple with various tech problems.
2. Communication: Execs make it easy for workers to ask questions during online conferences but also encourage phone contact via Skype. “Voice is more personal than text and more helpful in building real understanding,” says support chief Basil.

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