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Using RSS and Bloglines

Do you find yourself in this position often: someone’s fairly new to browsing blogs, and they’re excited, but they eventually get to that spot where they say, “But wow! It takes all kinds of time going to those sites all the time.” You then find yourself having to explain, yet again, about RSS, and getting a decent RSS reader.

David Goodman has a post in his Newbie to Ninja series specifically about these two items. What I like about Dave’s posts are that they are humorous while being informative. Here’s a paragraph describing RSS (including the Wikipedia definition):

What is RSS?
On your travels around the web, you may have, while wading through the usual soup of acronyms, come across RSS. RSS stands for either Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, depending who you speak to. It’s a lightweight, XML-based web publishing protocol that allows the easy syndication of content.

The rest of the piece is equal parts helpful and amusing. Give it a read.

Newbie to Ninja 3: Beginner’s Guide to RSS and Bloglines – [Happy Dave]

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