Twelve Ways to Use LinkedIn

Twelve Ways to Use LinkedIn
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    LinkedIn is one of my favorite Web 2.0 apps. It gives me a great way to keep business contacts. With the latest feature, LinkedIn Answers, it creates another dimension to receive great insights and advices from professionals. In short, it is a grown up version of Myspace.

    Guy Kawasaki suggests 10 more ways (his readers contributed two more) to use LinkedIn. They give me more excuses to spend more time into LinkedIn:

    • Increase your visibility
    • Improve your connectability
    • Improve your Google PageRank
    • Enhance your search engine results
    • Perform blind, “reverse,” and company reference checks
    • Increase the relevancy of your job search
    • Make your interview go smoother
    • Gauge the health of a company
    • Gauge the health of an industry
    • Track startups
    • Ask for advice
    • Integrate into a new job
    • Scope out the competition, customers, partners, etc

    I want to add Use it as your online resume. I have added a profile button at my personal homepage. Good thing is that I do not have to create another page to keep my resume online. It also contains recommendations from other people who endorsed my work. With that, there are responses/queries coming on my work from both LinkedIn and email.

    Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn – [How to Change the World]

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    Last Updated on November 3, 2019

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