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Top 5 myths about workplace stress

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Top 5 myths about workplace stress

Workspace stress happens quite usual in modern workplace. The condition is usually triggered by change of work patterns or conflicts. We may encounter stress in work before, however there are some misconceptions on causes and cures of workplace stress. Alexander Kjerulf at Chief Happiness Officer shares his view on those misconceptions:

  • Stress is normal, it means you’re important and it’s even good because it pushes you to perform
  • Stress is caused by working too much
  • Stress is cured by working less
  • Stress is cured by working more
  • Stress is cured by focusing on stress

He highlights the work, even the heavy work hours will not give one stress, but feeling bad about work will. Interesting concept. Do you agree on this?

Top 5 myths about workplace stress – [Chief Happiness Officer]

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